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With the onset of the Indian Govt. emphasizing the importance of Entrepreneurship, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his ambitious “Make in India” program last September, pledging to lower barriers to doing business and promote foreign investment. He is hoping to transform Asia’s third-largest economy into a manufacturing powerhouse like China.

Keeping in mind the vision of our honourable P.M, the K.C. College of Engineering took an initiative to set up an Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) for its students with a view to motivate budding entrepreneurs to establish their own start-ups. E-cell is a student’s organization dedicated to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. The idea of establishing this Cell initiated, developed and executed by Dr. Puja Rai (Director of institutional development) &Professor Yogesh K under the kind and benevolent guidance of Dr. Harrsh Khanna (Chairperson).

The inauguration of E-Cell was held on 27th January, 2016. Dr. Vikram Shete was invited as the Chief Guest at this event. Dr. Vikram Shete is the convener of E-Cell in St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivali West. He was felicitated by the Managing Director of KC College, Dr. Sai Kiran Khanna.

The event continued with business model presentations of some already existing entrepreneurs from our college. Mr. PramodRaut: “Tiny Silicon”, Mr. Kirti Kumar Shahi: “lifeatthane.in”, cofounders of “The Four Brothers”, “Meirtech Solutions”, and “Biggtime entertainment” presented their business ideas. These students were also the founding members of KC E-Cell. Their ideas were truly innovative and revolutionary. It gave a moral boost and self-confidence to the students.

The Event finally concluded with some encouraging words from our Principal, Dr. Hansraj Guhilot, who himself was a dynamic entrepreneur and has several patents to his name.

KC E-Cell is established to explore the raw talents from our college and give them the correct exposure to develop their ideas. There are many students amongst us who have innovative ideas, but without proper guidance executing the ideas might be a tough job. KC E-Cell is committed towards motivating the students to develop innovative ideas and guide them to execution.

The importance of life changing ideas was emphasized by one and all which lead to the birth of KED (K.C. Entrepreneur Development) talks which would primarily be focussing on the inspiring talks that would be delivered by well set entrepreneurs and motivators to imbibe the seed of entrepreneurship into the young. The KED talks invites at least one entrepreneur talk in a month, which would eventually be fortnightly hosted.

Some of the upcoming activities by E-Cell organisation are:

    1. 4-2 ITY:
      This program aims at encouraging students to unleash their innovative ideas spanning multiple dimensions and is designed to emulate the process of development of an idea to a full-fledged start up. This program will show case the talents and innovations developed by our own students. The arena thus set up will give them exposure to the real market with people from the corporate world coming in contact with our young entrepreneurs. This would give them an opening to a completely different portal where their ideas or talents would fetch them the credentials they really deserve.
    2. Guild to Build:
      Guild to Build program aims at making the creative ideas start-up worthy, with the help of an efficient team building exercise as well as extensive monitoring.

      Our budding Entrepreneurs have shown the way for the younger generation and few of the successful starts up are:
      1. Four Brothers: Comprising of four students from the third year of Computer Engineering have their own start up that gives Web Based solutions for the companies and individuals. Till now they have successfully developed several website which are running successfully, some of them are:

        4.kc e-cell
        7.Diploma project on college website
        8.Staff project on real estate
        9.MNCsupermarket.com(in progress)
        10.U.S e-commerce initiating soon

      2. TronicHubsTronichubs: Entrepreneur Mr. Pramod Raut. He is a genius when it comes to electronic circuits and embedded systems.  He has various ideas which he kept implementing in an innovative way. He has helped several seniors in their projects and also played a vital role in helping the students with their robots for eyantra. About Tronichubs you can check out the videos in the link given below



      3. BiGG Time: Entrepreneur Mr Ashwin Philip. BiggTime is an event management startup that delivers for all kinds of events such as Parties, functions, college fests etc. The E-cell Webr team is helping him to develop the website for his start-up, which would help him to expand his business in an appropriate way.
      4. Lifeatthane.com: Entrepreneur Mr Kirti Shahi. Kirti Shahi is a freelancer who develops software and websites, one of his works can be seen in Lifeatthane.com which is a fully functional website created by him.

        There are some fully functional start-ups like yups.com and Shieldsure

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